In general, Wyoming has done a fairly good job of protecting voter rights, it must continue to guard against voter suppression. Leading up to the 2018 election, there were allegations that Native American voters were discriminated against while attempting to register to vote. Wyoming officials and Native American tribal officials are now working together to improve Native American’s ability to register to vote, including introducing measures to allow Native Americans to use tribal IDs when registering to vote.

Wyoming Republicans have not abandoned efforts to suppress the vote as a cohort of GOP legislators introduced a voter ID bill (HB 192). The Republicans claimed that the voter ID bill was necessary to prevent voter fraud, even after a representative of the Wyoming Secretary of State office admitted she was unaware of any incidents of voter fraud in Wyoming. The bill failed this session.

Additionally, Democrats in Wyoming attempted to pass legislation to introduce vote-by-mail to Wyoming (HB 36), but the bill did not advance. Enacting vote-by-mail is a proven way to increase voter turnout, especially in states like Wyoming where polling places may not be accessible for all eligible voters.