Washington D.C.

First, Let America Vote fully supports Washington D.C. becoming the 51st state! D.C. residents bear all the responsibilities of United States citizenship, but do not have true representation in Congress. This needs to change.

The D.C. Council introduced legislation that would expand voting rights and make voting more accessible. D.C. lawmakers introduced legislation (B23-324) that would have restored voting rights to individuals who are currently incarcerated for felony convictions. Every state except Maine and Vermont has stripped individuals of voting rights while they are incarcerated. The measure has not passed. Citizens should not have their voting rights stripped, and we support D.C. legislators’ attempt to restore voting rights to individuals who are incarcerated.

D.C. lawmakers also introduced a measure (B23-31) to give voters two hours of paid time off in order to vote in D.C. elections, and a bill (B23-126) that would require landlords to provide voter registration information to tenants. Neither bills passed.