Let America Vote Knocks 40,000 Doors in Georgia to Help Elect Stacey Abrams

Since it began its field operation in Georgia two months ago, Let America Vote has knocked on more than 40,000 doors to elect voting rights champions in legislative races and in support of Stacey Abrams for Georgia Governor.

“Let America Vote is committed to electing one of the most fervent defenders of voting rights in the country, and my friend, Stacey Abrams,” said Jason Kander, president of Let America Vote. “Stacey has blown away national observers with her fearless, progressive values and the strength of her organizing effort. Facing one of the most shameless anti-democracy politicians in the country, Stacey’s race is one of the most important for voting rights in 2018.”

Stacey Abrams became one of Let America Vote’s very first endorsements when Jason Kander announced support for Stacey in August of 2017. In July, one of the nation’s foremost vote-suppressing politicians, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, won the GOP nomination and became Stacey’s general-election opponent.

Secretary Kemp earlier this year purged more than 600,000 voters from the Georgia voting rolls, and has disqualified more than 1.2 million Georgia voters since 2014. Many of those voters were removed just for missing an election, a flimsy and politically-motivated justification that disproportionately targets minority and low-income people. Kemp also continues to defend Georgia’s “exact match” voter registration system, which has been shown to disproportionately keep people of color off the rolls.

Let America Vote includes Secretary Kemp in its Voter Suppression Hall of Shame, a list of the nation’s most active vote-suppressing politicians.

Let America Vote will continue knocking doors on behalf of Stacey and voting-rights champions across the ballot in Georgia through Election Day.