Let America Vote Launches Digital Ad Opposing New Hampshire Voter Suppression Bill

WASHINGTON — Let America Vote launched a digital ad opposing the voter suppression bill being considered by the New Hampshire legislature. The ad is a call to action against Senate Bill 3, which could strip voting rights from college students and would allow elections officers to visit people’s homes to check in on residents just because they voted. The five-figure ad buy began yesterday and debate on Senate Bill 3 in the legislature is slated for today.

“Instead of addressing the student debt crisis, the New Hampshire legislature has decided the best thing it can do for college students is make it harder for them to vote,” said Jason Kander, president of Let America Vote. “We should be doing everything we can to encourage young people to participate in elections. Legislation like Senate Bill 3 causes confusion and adds bureaucracy to a process that should be as simple as possible. Let America Vote is going to make sure that New Hampshire citizens know their politicians’ priorities.”

The ad encourages New Hampshire residents to contact State Senator Kevin Avard to ask him to withdraw his support for the legislation.

Let America Vote launched in February 2017 to fight back against proposals across the country that make it harder for eligible voters to exercise their constitutional right to cast a ballot. Whether it’s extreme identification requirements, questionable purges of voter rolls, voter intimidation, new and extreme voter registration processes, or anything that makes voting harder, Let America Vote will be there to lead the way against it. Its president is Jason Kander, the former Missouri Secretary of State.