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By: Austin Laufersweiler, Press Secretary With a new year comes new opportunities for lawmakers to attempt to roll back voting rights. In such an important election year, we all need to keep a watchful eye to ensure legislators don’t use their power to make it harder for eligible Americans to vote. Step one: Identify bad […]

By Leigh Chapman, Senior Policy Advisor at Let America Vote Trump’s Sham Voting Commission has said from the very start that they have no “preconceived notions” about the outcome and of the commission — but their actions paint an entirely different picture. Not one, or two, but THREE of members of the Sham Voting Commission spoke on […]

Let America Vote today launched an online toolkit to help activists around the country join the fight against voter suppression. The guide, titled Taking on Voter Suppression in 2018, lists some of Let America Vote’s top policy priorities for protecting voting rights and the voter suppression tactics that activists should fight against during the 2018 state legislative […]

… Teaching the next generation how to participate in civil discourse is one way we can begin to heal. The democratic tradition in our country is to give every eligible American a voice through a vote. When elections are free, fair and accessible, Americans have their voices heard. … Read the full op-ed here.

Let America Vote today launched the Voter Suppression Hall of Shame, an evolving list of the country’s most active vote-suppressing politicians that Let America Vote will track in 2018 to fight back against any future efforts to make voting less accessible. The list contains 10 politicians from nine different states whom either introduced or supported politically-motivated legislation that would prevent targeted […]

… “Denying eligible voters the chance to participate in elections is un-American and, unfortunately, it still happens,” Kander tells Nebraska Radio Network in a telephone interview. “And the goal of Let America Vote is to create political consequences for politicians who make voting harder.” … Read the full article here.