CBS St. Louis: Jason Kander Launches “Let America Vote”

Missouri’s former Secretary of State has formed a new organization, “Let America Vote.”

Kander says it’s necessary because voter suppression is becoming a problem in America.

KMOX asked Kander, a War veteran, about President Trump’s assertion that three to five million people voted illegally.

“I’m sure that President Trump is not going to like Let America Vote. I’m sure that he’s not going to be volunteering for Let America Vote. I’m sure he’ll be very opposed to what we’re doing because he doesn’t want to let a big group of Americans vote,” Kander says. “But, we’re not going to just sit back and take it, we’re not just gonna sit back and say well this is hard, so, uh, we can’t do anything about it.” “We’ve put together an advisory board of some of the best people on this issue in the Country, Martin Luther King III.”