Blog: What I’m doing next

I’ve decided to take on one of the biggest problems in this country: voter suppression.

This means a lot to me. As Secretary of State in Missouri, making sure eligible voters had access to the polls was a huge part of my job. This week, I started Let America Vote to continue that work across the country.

Voting is the fundamental right of every American. GOP tactics like photo voter ID laws, slashing voting hours, or questionable purges of voter rolls have nothing to do with protecting elections — they’re meant to keep certain people from voting because those people rarely vote Republican.

I joined the Army to protect this nation. I did it because I truly believe that our country, our democracy, is a beacon of hope where everyone is equal and everyone’s voice is valued. Voting is one of the fundamental rights that I put my life on the line for, that my fellow soldiers fought and died for. I have a stake in this democracy — and I intend to do everything I can to make sure every eligible American can exercise their right to cast a ballot.

That’s what voting rights mean to me. What does it mean to you?

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Can’t wait to see your stories.