Republican Congressman Considering Senate Bid Introduces Nationwide Voter Suppression Bill

Congressman Luke Messer (IN-06), who has taken steps toward a formal run for Senate in Indiana, today introduced a nationwide voter suppression bill. Messer used the Indiana voter ID law as a model for his legislation even though the judge who upheld the law has since denounced voter ID laws as purely political and said laws like it “appear to be aimed at limiting voting by minorities, particularly blacks.”

Messer’s bill would also create yet another unfunded mandate by requiring states to pay for photo IDs for the millions of voters who would need them under his legislation.

“Congressman Messer’s inability to justify a real need for voter ID laws leaves only the reality that he wants to make it harder for people to vote to help advance his political career,” said Jason Kander, president of Let America Vote. “He’s modeling his legislation after Indiana’s law, but if he was being honest, he’d admit that a judge who upheld Indiana’s law changed his position after seeing the consequences and now says voter identification laws are ‘a means of voter suppression rather than fraud prevention. More people are struck by lightning than commit in-person voter impersonation fraud, which is the only kind of fraud a voter ID law could address. Rep. Messer’s political stunt is a naked effort to try and win a Republican primary by aligning himself with President Trump’s lie that voter fraud is rampant in our country. In reality, his bill could ultimately suppress the votes of millions of eligible voters across the country. The United States is facing multiple foreign policy crises and the risk of defaulting on the debt ceiling, but Rep. Messer is spending his time in office trying to make it harder for people to vote. This is a shameless political move, and Rep. Messer needs to be held accountable.”