Let America Vote Statement on Executive Order Creating Task Force Investigating Voter Fraud

In response to reports that President Trump today will sign an executive order creating a task force charged with investigating voter fraud, Let America Vote President Jason Kander released the following statement.

“Donald Trump is using the biggest lie ever told by a sitting U.S. President to waste taxpayer dollars on a task force that will only result in making it harder for Americans to vote,” Kander said. “Trump has enlisted the help of the country’s leading vote suppressor, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, whose fabricated claims of a voter fraud crisis are only topped by President Trump’s. These two have made their agenda very clear—to undermine Americans’ faith in the electoral process so that fewer people vote and it’s easier for people like them to win reelection. The creation of this task force is the most extreme voter suppression effort that we’ve seen in decades, and it has the potential to do tremendous lasting harm to our democracy. Americans should not be fooled—this is not an attempt to improve our elections. It’s an attempt to rig them to benefit the people in power. Let America Vote is going to hold this task force accountable at every step and expose the damage it does to Americans whenever possible.”