Jason Kander Statement on Karen Handel’s Outrage over Eligible Georgia Voters Being Allowed to Register to Vote

After Karen Handel today sent a fundraising email citing her opposition to allowing eligible voters to register to vote in the upcoming special election in Georgia’s 6th District, Let America Vote President Jason Kander released the following statement:

“Karen Handel has now admitted she wants fewer eligible voters in her district to cast a ballot in the upcoming special election,” Kander said. “Karen Handel, a career politician who used to be in charge of Georgia elections, is now putting her political agenda first by taking a page right out of the voter suppression playbook. She clearly believes that anyone new or returning to the political process is going to vote against her. While Karen Handel was in Washington fundraising with Paul Ryan last week, Jon Ossoff and I were working to register voters in the district because whether or not they’re going to vote for him, Jon wants as many folks as possible to have the opportunity to participate in this special election.”