Volunteer for Voting in Virginia

In 2017, our boots on the ground team in Virginia knocked over 175,000 doors to help Democrats up and down the ballot win critical races.

We sent a message to politicians that when they make it harder to vote, we’re going to make it hard for them to keep their jobs.

And we’re doing it again in 2019.

Thanks to new, fairly drawn maps in Virginia, Democrats have a real chance to win a trifecta in Virginia this November. That means Democrats would hold the governorship, state Senate and state House.

Let America Vote is going to make it happen.

Today we’re launching our Volunteer for Voting program. There are three ways to help, and you can pitch in even if you’re not in Virginia:

As a Volunteer for Voting Champion, you will devote significant time on the ground in Virginia assisting Let America Vote endorsed candidates flip both chambers of the Virginia state legislature. Learn more and sign up to become a Champion here:

As a Volunteer for Voting Captain, you understand the importance of volunteer activism and protecting the right to vote and are ready to take the next step to lead a local chapter. Learn more and sign up to become a Captain here:

Every action makes a difference! Joining the Volunteer for Voting Collaborator program allows for anyone — from anywhere — to get involved in the effort to flip the Virginia state legislature this fall. Learn more and sign up to become a Collaborator here:

As politicians create barriers to the ballot box, we realized there needed to be a grassroots movement to stand up for voting rights. We hope you’ll join us in the fight.

We’ve got to get on our boots, and get back to work.


Jason Kander