This Week in Voter Suppression August 10 – 16

By Chris deLaubenfels, Director of Policy and Communications, Let America Vote

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Hates Democracy

Earlier this week, Granite State Gov. Sununu vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have established an independent redistricting commission in New Hampshire. The bill aimed to stop extreme partisan gerrymandering, which takes power out of the hands of the voters and into those of politicians. The bill would have clearly improved New Hampshire’s democracy. There is no rationale for the veto other than the fact that Gov. Sununu is intent on rigging legislative maps in Republican’s favor. We urge the New Hampshire legislature to override the veto.

In case you forgot, this isn’t the only time Gov. Sununu has openly attacked democracy this summer. He also vetoed a bill that would have eliminated a poll tax levied against college voters. Gov. Sununu is anti-voter and needs to be shown the door in 2020.

The 2020 Fight Against Gerrymandering

Americans hate extreme partisan gerrymandering and have moved to restrict the voter suppression practice across the country. But Republican officials who are trying to rig maps in their favor are fighting back.  It is impossible to overstate how important the 2020 elections will be to ensure that our democracy is protected from rigged, unfair maps. 

The Paper Business

It was a big week for the paper ballot, which is the best safeguard against election hacking. This week, the Brennan Center released a report that outlines the risks of paperless voting machines.

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that Georgia must get rid of outdated voting machines in 2020 – but they may use the machines this year. Judge Amy Totenberg found that “Georgia’s current voting equipment, software, election and voter databases are antiquated, seriously flawed and vulnerable to failure, breach, contamination and attack.” Starting in 2020, paper ballots will be required across Georgia to ensure accurate and secure elections.

Last Friday, the Department of Homeland Security’s top cyber security official stressed that paper ballot backups are needed for 2020 election security. We know that Russia is working to undermine and hack our elections again in 2020 and we need to implement procedures to enhance our election security right now, including ensuring paper ballots are used across the country. Yet President Trump and Sen. McConnell continue to hold election security hostage, which brings us to one of President Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories…

Trump’s Old Imaginary Friend: Voter Fraud

President Trump took to Twitter this week to continue to perpetuate lies about widespread voter fraud. President Trump tweeted that an extreme voter ID law needs to be a part of any election security reform. President Trump blames mythical widespread voter fraud on his large popular vote defeat in 2016, and now looks to implement extreme voter ID laws to suppress the vote in 2020. Just to be clear, widespread voter fraud is a myth and voter ID laws are voter suppression.

Republicans are Terrified of Voters

The New York Times Editorial Board took a look at Florida’s newly implemented poll tax on individuals impacted by justice. The upshot: it’s old fashioned voter suppression by the GOP because they are scared of voters.

Fighting to Protect Voters

In good news this week, Stacey Abrams–voting rights champion and member of the Let America Vote Board of Advisors–announced the launch of Fair Fight 2020. The organization aims to protect the rights of voters in battleground states across the country. Protecting voting rights across the country will be crucial to ensure fair and free elections in 2020. Read more about Stacey Abrams’ fight to protect voters here.