This Week in the Fight to Vote — October 5 – 11

By Chris deLaubenfels, Director of Policy and Communications, Let America Vote

It’s Trump vs. Democracy

Congresswoman Grace Meng penned an op-ed in the New York Daily News calling out Pres. Trump’s never-ending attack on democracy. Rep. Meng, a member of Let America Vote’s Board of Advisors,emphasized the existential threat that Trump poses:

“Trump is unabashedly using the powers of the presidency to rig the 2020 election and sow doubt in our democracy.

Our own president has no intention to address serious issues with our election security; he wants Americans to lose faith in our democratic institutions.”

From openly asking foreign countries to interfere in our elections, spreading conspiracy theories about voting fraud, and attempting to suppress the vote, it is clear that Trump will do anything to prevent free and fair elections. We have to fight for all Americans’ right to vote, work to protect our elections, and counter Trump’s all-out assault on our democracy.

Russians focusing on voter suppression in 2020

It looks like the Russians have learned a few tricks from Republicans, as they are focusing on voter suppression heading into 2020. The federal government warned states that Russia is planning to discourage voter turnout and promote voter suppression in the 2020 election. Federal officials have warned that Russia may try to recruit Americans to protests and intimidate voters, and try to hack voter registration sites or knock them offline. We need election security now.

We take pride in making voting easy

In a column for Let America Vote, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown discussed why, in the midst of unprecedented obstruction from Sen. Mitch McConnell, states need to fight for the right to vote. As Gov. Brown emphasizes: “All politicians should be working to make voting easier because expanding pro-voter policies is not a power grab for Democrats or Republicans; it is the American people taking power back from politicians.” We are proud to have a voting rights champion like Gov. Brown on our board of advisors.

Restoring voting rights: “It gave me a sense of citizenship” 

In July, Nevada automatically restored voting rights to individuals impacted by the justice system. A story by NBC news explores how restoring the right to vote helps formerly incarcerated individuals reintegrate into society and feel like full citizens. Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford has launched an initiative to inform individuals of their right to vote and encourage them to register. Every citizen matters in our democracy and we need to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. We need to continue to fight to re-enfranchise all eligible voters.

Mississippi endorsement alert

We are proud to announce our endorsement of Representative Jeramey Anderson and Brandon Rue in their races for the Mississippi House of Representatives. Porsha White, Let America Vote’s National Political Director released the following statement:

“Mississippi still faces Jim Crow-era voting laws and GOP politicians trying to make it harder to vote. The people of Mississippi deserve leaders who will fight for free, fair, and accessible elections. That’s why Let America Vote is excited to endorse Representative Jeramey Anderson and Brandon Rue in their races for the Mississippi State House of Representatives. Jeramey has been a strong voting rights champion as a state representative and member of Let America Vote’s Board of Advisors and will continue to make voting rights a priority in his next term. Brandon knows that our democracy is stronger when more people participate. That’s why he organized a Walk to the Polls event at the University of Southern Mississippi to engage young voters. Both candidates will fight for the voting rights of all Mississippians. We look forward to supporting Jeramey and Brandon this November.”

This week’s must read

Partisan gerrymandering is one of the biggest threats to American democracy. That’s why a group called “Pennsylvanians Against Gerrymandering” would seem to be fighting the good fight. But, according to a story by The Intercept, that organization is actually financed by a Murdoch family-funded organization that has hired lobbyists with a history of gerrymandering. Read the full story here.