Jason Kander Statement on Trump Voting Commission’s Apparent Pause Due to Lawsuits

Following a statement that Indiana Secretary of State and member of President Trump’s sham voting commission Connie Lawson made to reporters today about the commission’s lack of activity due to numerous legal questions, Let America Vote President Jason Kander called for the disbanding of the commission.

Secretary Lawson’s comments come after recent reports that the commission is excluding Democratic members from official communications, and that a conservative group in Minnesota was invited to speak at an upcoming meeting about which no public information is available.

“It’s telling enough that Trump’s sham voting commission is faced with so many lawsuits that it doesn’t have time to do any real work,” Let America Vote President Jason Kander said. “Failure after to failure to live up to its name as a commission to protect election integrity has proven Trump’s group to be a waste of taxpayer dollars, a security risk for voters’ personal information and vehicle for spreading lies about voter fraud. Trump’s commission shouldn’t just pause–it should disband and end its assault on voting rights.”