Let America Vote PAC Endorses Gubernatorial Candidates in New Jersey, Virginia and Georgia

Kansas City, MO — Let America Vote PAC today endorsed voting rights champions in the upcoming gubernatorial contests in New Jersey, Virginia and Georgia. In the New Jersey election this November, Let America Vote PAC will support Phil Murphy. Let America Vote PAC will support Dr. Ralph Northam, the state’s current Lt. Governor, in the Virginia race for governor this November. Let America Vote PAC also is making its first endorsement for the 2018 election, supporting State Representative Stacey Abrams in the election for Georgia governor.

Let America Vote President Jason Kander made the following statements on each of the endorsed candidates.

On Phil Murphy:

“Phil Murphy knows that our democracy is stronger when more people participate. Chris Christie has consistently vetoed bills that would make voting more accessible in New Jersey like automatic voter registration, online voter registration and in-person early voting. As governor, Phil’s leadership on these common sense improvements to registration and voting will help all eligible New Jersey voters participate in the election process. We are proud to support Phil, and know he will make an excellent governor of New Jersey.”

On Dr. Ralph Northam:

“Dr. Ralph Northam has made protecting voting rights a key part of his platform, and we need him to continue Governor McAuliffe’s work fighting back against Republicans in the legislature who are trying to restrict access to the polls. Ralph has been has been a vocal leader on expanding the right to vote in Virginia, which is how I know he’ll work to make sure every eligible voter in his state has their voice heard on election day. We are proud to stand by Ralph because he values the right to vote, and I know he’ll do everything in his power to protect it.”

On Stacey Abrams:

“Having fought against extreme voter suppression efforts in the Georgia state legislature, Representative Stacey Abrams will make an outstanding Georgia governor who makes voting rights a high priority. Stacey stood up for communities of color, people with disabilities and the elderly when Republicans pushed a strict voter ID law through the state legislature. Stacey has a long record of fighting for the rights of vulnerable Georgians, which is why we are so proud to support her candidacy.”

Let America Vote launched in February 2017 to fight back against proposals across the country that make it harder for eligible voters to exercise their constitutional right to cast a ballot. Whether it’s extreme identification requirements, questionable purges of voter rolls, voter intimidation, new and extreme voter registration processes, or anything that makes voting harder, Let America Vote will be there to lead the way against it. Its president is Jason Kander, the former Missouri Secretary of State.