This legislative session brought good news in Delaware voting rights. Democratic legislation (HB 38) that establishes early voting came into law. Before the legislation, Delaware was one of only 12 states that did not have early voting of any kind. Early voting in Delaware will begin in 2022. Establishing early voting is an important step in the right direction to make voting fairer and more accessible. However, Delaware Republicans were able to thwart other pro-democracy measures this session. A Democratic bill (HB 73) that sought to amend the Delaware Constitution to permit no-excuse absentee voting failed. Delaware Democrats also tried to pass legislation (HB 175) that would establish vote-by-mail in the state, but the bill did not advance. Finally, a Democratic bill (HB 39) to establish same-day voter registration also fell short due to Republican opposition. Studies have shown that states that enact vote-by-mail have increased voter turnout. Constituents should push for these measures in the next legislative session.