News Clips

The New Hampshire Democratic Party today took bold action to protect voting rights by filing a lawsuit to stop Senate Bill 3, one of the nation’s most devious and dangerous voter suppression bills. The suit aims to expose SB3 as a blatantly political effort to create obstacles to voting for college students and other specific groups of Granite […]

… Jason Kander, the former Democratic secretary of state in neighboring Missouri, says it’s “not at all true” that poll workers in Kansas hand out provisional ballots to voters who would’ve been turned away in other states. He argues most election officials are aggressive about handing out regular ballots whenever possible because the provisional ones […]

At Let America Vote, we’ve never been more sure of our mission to end voter suppression. Restrictive and discriminatory laws have had a devastating impact on voting rights for far too long — and this week’s headlines confirm that too many voices have been silenced, in an effort to unilaterally build political power for leaders […]

Let America Vote today sent a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp requesting information regarding the purging of more than 500,000 Georgians from the state’s voter rolls. The cancellation of voter registration in such massive numbers raises concerns especially because the Secretary of State’s office used voters’ lack of electoral participation as justification […]