By Emily Kong, digital organizer, Let America Vote Let America Vote’s field teams are on the ground in five states, knocking doors every day to make the case for pro-democracy candidates. From Georgia to New Hampshire to Iowa, voter suppression is on the march, with politicians disenfranchising eligible voters just so they can win elections. […]

Suzy Smith, executive director, Let America Vote The stats coming in from our boots-on-the-ground team are astounding. Over 220,000 doors knocked in a little over three months, and 1 million voter contacts attempted since we launched Let America Vote. Here’s the metric I’m most excited to share: 73 percent of the candidates supported by Let […]

By George Hornedo, Senior Policy Advisor, Let America Vote An unlikely front has opened up in recent months in the battle for voting rights: the 2020 U.S. Census. As we’ve written before, the Trump administration is trying to politicize the census, threatening to undermine the critical data it produces and shortchange communities across the country. […]

By George Hornedo, senior policy adviser, Let America Vote With politicians all over the country these days pushing voter-suppression laws and undermining Americans’ fundamental rights, it’s tempting to think about voting rights activism as a purely defensive effort. But it’s not. It’s important to remember that there are positive, forward-looking policies that even today many […]

It’s crunch time for voter registration. This past Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day, when leaders, activists and volunteers around the country led registration drives and raised awareness about the need to get registered in order to vote this November. Now, registration deadlines are looming all over the country. Visit to check your registration […]