Whether it’s passing intentionally confusing voter I.D. laws, closing the polls early, or refusing to reinstate voting rights, efforts by politicians to illegally silence American votes have a common effect: they keep eligible voters away from the polls. In addition to threatening the integrity of our elections, voter suppression efforts waste our hard-earned tax dollars. […]

There’s a lot happening in Washington, DC right now. It is nearly impossible to keep track of everything extremists are pushing through and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this: “House Republicans Just Voted to Eliminate the Only Federal Agency that Makes Sure Voting Machines Can’t be Hacked.” — The Nation, 2/7/2017 These extremists […]

When Jason decided to start Let America Vote, he couldn’t have dreamed of such a successful first month. Thanks to you, we didn’t just reach our $21,000 goal, we absolutely crushed it. Thank you from Jason and all of us here at Let America Vote. But reaching this goal wasn’t the only highlight of our […]

Just wanted to send you a quick update. Last month, we asked folks to call or write to a key Virginia state senator to stop House Bill 1598, an extreme “citizenship” bill that would have disenfranchised Virginians across the state. You called and made it known that folks around the country were watching and the […]

“Trump’s Labor Pick Has a History of Attacking Voting Rights” — The Nation, 2/16/2017 After the past few weeks, I have to wonder if there’s anyone in the Trump Administration actually vetting their Cabinet nominees. They’re not doing a great job. Trump’s first pick for Labor Secretary withdrew his name amid a firestorm of criticism […]

I’ve decided to take on one of the biggest problems in this country: voter suppression. This means a lot to me. As Secretary of State in Missouri, making sure eligible voters had access to the polls was a huge part of my job. This week, I started Let America Vote to continue that work across […]