2019 followed the recent trend of Democrats fighting to expand voting rights and Republicans working to make it harder for citizens to vote. Gov. Tom Wolf, a Let America Vote Board of Advisors member, has always been a fighter for fair and accessible elections for all citizens

Gov. Wolf introduced a 21st century voting reform plan, which included a proposal to advance voting rights by offering same day voter registration, automatic voter registration, and modernizing absentee ballots. It also lays out new campaign finance laws, restrictions on Political Action Committees, and establishes an independent, bi-partisan commission to create future electoral maps.

Pennsylvania Democrats attempted to advance pro-voting measures last session but were thwarted by Republican opposition. The pro-democracy measures included establishing early voting (HB 1558, SB 294, HB 747), expanding the ability to vote absentee (HB 43, SB 414, SB 411, HB 1420, SB 345, SB 33), creating a permanent early voting list (SB 415), establishing automatic voter registration and same day registration (HB 1556, HB 1560, SB 355), expanding accessibility for voters with disabilities (HB 134), establishing vote centers to improve accessibility (SB 416), providing for employee vote leave on Election Day (HB 676), requiring paper ballots (HB 765), providing for pre-registration for high school students (HB 704, HB 626), general measures to improve registration accessibility (SB 214), creating a voter’s bill of rights (SB 375), establishing vote-by-mail (HB 1059), providing for electronic voter registration (HB 668), and lowering the voting age to 16 years (SB 289).

At the same time, PA Republicans continued attempts to restrict voting rights as they introduced legislation to create a restrictive voter ID law (HB 676).

Legislation to form an independent redistricting commission (HB 23) also failed. Creating a non-partisan redistricting commission is vital for Pennsylvania democracy as PA Republicans drew one of the most gerrymandered maps in the country in 2011.