The 2018 Nevada elections were great for voting rights! First, voters approved automatic voter registration in Nevada, which will greatly improve voter accessibility in the state. Even more importantly, voters gave Nevada Democrats control of the governorship, House, and Senate. Because of this power, Democrats have been able to focus on passing pro-voter, pro-democracy legislation.

This session, Nevada passed on omnibus election bill (AB 345) that makes voting fairer and more accessible. The legislation establishes same day voter registration on Election Day and during early voting, improves online registration, provides for no-excuse absentee voting (vote-by-mail), expands polling places, and extends the time to vote absentee voting. The impact this legislation will have on promoting voting rights is hard to overstate. With this legislation, Nevada has become one of the most voter-friendly states in the country.

Nevada also automatically restored voting rights (AB 431) to individuals with felony records once they are released from prison. On July 1, over 77,000 Nevadans had their right to vote restored; a crucial day for those voters and for all of Nevada. All eligible citizens are granted the right to vote and criminal conviction should not take that away. This is an important step to ensure voting rights for all Nevadans. 

A new law (AB 137) also requires that, once clerks establish a polling place on an Indian reservation, they must maintain that polling place for future elections. We need to keep pushing to ensure Native Americans voting rights are being protected across the country. Supporting the Native American Voting Rights Act of 2019 is one way to ensure elections are free and fair for Native Americans.

Finally, Nevada also amended the Constitution to enshrine Nevada citizens’ voting rights (SJR 3A). This amendment will enable Nevada voters to protect their constitutional right now and in the future. Nevada is a great example of why it is so important to elect politicians who will fight for voting rights – it will be one of the most democratic states in America going forward.